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Many people contact our air duct and attic cleaning Beverly Hills company asking about our services. They complain that their house is full of dust even though they clean it all the time. So what may be the reason of their dusty problem? Well, the answer is very easy – the problem of their dusty house are the air vents full of dust. Simply as that.

Take a look at the picture below that one of our customers sent to us.

air vent

So our customer,let’s call her Mandy, sent to us this photograph of her vent. She said that she cleans these vents every day,but still there is a lot of dust coming out of them. Mandy asked us for help and we were glad to help her.

We went to her house, checked all of her vents, her AC unit and we noticed that her ductwork needs to be cleaned and brushed. Apparently she has never cleaned her air duct before.

Here is a different angle of how it was before and how it was after we have cleaned it:

air duct cleaning pro

Can you spot the difference?

If you suffer from the dust in your house, please give us a call. We will help you, just as we have helped Mandy.

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